Your First Driving Lesson With Skill4life Driver Training

What to expect on your first driving lesson.

Your first lesson will be concerned mainly with introducing you to the controls of the cars – what all those levers, buttons, and flashing lights do, plus why & when to use them. 

Your instructor will make sure that you are in a quiet out of the way bit of road before you actually have to do anything at all. 

Initially, you'll probably get to have a go at getting the car moving. Just a few yards down the road and then to a stop. You will not be expected to be changing gears, steering and handling the traffic lights whilst engaging in light-hearted chat. Your instructor will introduce the various controls of the car in easy to manage stages. Over time, you will come to use all of the controls in tandem with each other.

Safety First!

In case the thought of being in control of half a tonne of speeding metal is a little bit worrying, your car will be fitted with dual controls. This means that the instructor has a set of pedals on their side of the car that they can use to take over or help you out if you are struggling. If it looks like you’ve lost control for a moment, they can bring the car to a stop quickly and safely, and give you time to recover your poise.